Chris Vandeviver

Logic Pro Educator, Producer, Audio Engineer

About Chris

Hey there! I’m Chris Vandeviver – Logic Pro educator, music producer and audio engineer. I run a popular website and YouTube channel, Why Logic Pro Rules.

Music captivated my 10 year old life back in 1994 when I first heard Ace of Base’s “The Sign” on the radio.

From there I fell into playing guitar and bass in a variety of punk rock bands. Writing, performing, and touring became my way of life for years.

Then eventually I wanted to write and record music my own music.

So I bought the old, classic white Macbook with a copy of Logic Pro 8. I fell down the rabbit hole of audio production and haven’t looked back since. Producing, recording, and mixing for artists of all types.

Now I help Logic users all over the world achieve more for their music.


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Hey! Interested in working together? I’m always happy to chat.

Please know, however, that my schedule is quite busy these days. Therefore I’m not accepting new mix clients at this moment.

I’ll be sure to update this notice when my schedule changes. Thanks for your understanding!